Garrison Life

Fort Davis, Texas

A Typical Daily Schedule In Garrison

5:15 Assembly of Trumpeters
5:30 Reveille
6:00 Stable & Watering Call
7:00 Mess Call
8:00 Assembly, Roll Call
8:10 Sick Call
8:20 Assembly of Guard Details
8:30 Fatigue Call
9:00 Drill Call (dismounted)
11:30 Recall - End of Morning Drill
11:45 1st Sergeants Call
12:00 Mess Call
1:00 Drill Call (mounted)
4:00 Recall - End of Evening Drill
4:30 Stable Call
5:00 Mess Call
6:00 Assembly for Evening Parade
5 mins prior to sunset: Assembly of Trumpeters
Sunset Retreat, Evening Gun, Roll Call, To The Colors
8:55 Assembly of Trumpeters
9:00 Tattoo and Final Roll Call
9:30 Extinguish Lights

Bugle Calls

Adjutant's Call


Call to Arms

Officers Call




War Dances

Cheyenne War Dance

Kiowa War Dance

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