Buffalo Soldiers
Donnie W. Brown Chapter
9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association
El Paso, Texas

9th & 10th Cavalry
24th & 25th Infantry

Buffalo Soldiers on the Frontier
Protectors of the West

Troop F, 9th Cavalry
at Georgia in 1898

Sergeant, 10th Cavalry

10th Cavalry Color Guard 1917

10th Cavalry Trooper Wearing Buffalo Hide Coat 1870's

Non-Commissioned Officers Troop E, 25th Infantry Regiment
Fort Buford, North Dakota 1893

Field and Staff Officers 25th Infantry Regiment
Fort Robinson, Nebraska 1903

9th Cavalry Assembled 1880's

Troop K, 9th Cavalry at Pine Ridge Reservation 1890's
Sergeants George Jordan and Henry Johnson Identified

Troop I, 10th Cavalry Practice Charge

Troop H, 10th Cavalry

Troop I, 10th Cavalry

25th Infantry Regiment enroute to
the Philippine Islands aboard
the U.S.S. Pennsylvania

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